Center for Restorative Medicine

The Center for Restorative Medicine is a concierge program within the Internaltional Heart and Lung Institute that offers patients who wish to take control of their own health the opportunity to have a more personalized and timely interaction with Dr. Gundry beyond that of what most insurance companies will cover. Dr. Gundry firmly believes that we can directly affect our health and wellness by diet, supplementation, and living well. 

The Center offers a small limited group of individuals and families a program that enables Dr. Gundry the opportunity to provide expedited and extended appointments; visits usually within 72 hours of request; direct access to Dr. Gundry and many more personalized services.
Please contact the Center for Restorative Medicine by phone: 760-832-7542. Susan Lokken, our Executive Assistant, is ready to answer any additional questions or provide any information you would like to have regarding this concierge program.